Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day 243 - Lots of Teaching = No Blogging

So, last time I was on here I was at a friends birthday party after having taught adults ballet. The party was absolutely amazing which explains why I needed a whole day to recover!

Sunday and Monday don't allow much room for any dancing of any kind as I have to go and do a normal job with normal(ish) people, and I don't think they'd take too kindly to me choreographing and not answering calls. I might make some sketches next time I'm there if there's a quiet patch :)

Tuesday through to Friday or Saturday are my dancy days. Advanced 1 ballet on Tuesday evening was great but tiring, especially with the cycle to and from. I was quite pleased with myself that I got up for college on Wednesday morning.  I could have, and probably should have, spent some time Tuesday daytime preparing for classes and choreographing but housework needed attention and took precedance.

I turned up for open ballet on Wednesday at 10.30 but due to teacher availability I ended up doing my first contemporary class in far too long. It made me more determind to get back to contempary on a regular basis. Hopefully Tuesday morning next week at the Island. While preparing to head home I was asked to teach the college pointe class. Luckly I had music and pointe shoes with me. It was a small class of two so plenty of time to really work on detailed corections. I finally jumped on the bike at about 1pm to head home only to leave again at 3 to teach at 4. Unfortunetely there was no key for the hall so I had to cancel. Back on the bike and home for a much needed early night.

Thursday, today. Phew. I had open ballet, DDI and advanced 1 as normal and was supposed to be working this eve. I am currently sitting in a school in Bradley Stoke waiting for the last class of the evening to finish. I have been covering 4 ballet classes from pre-primary to grade 2. My feet hurt but boy has it been a valuable evening :) I haven't taken grades 1 or 2 before although we did cover grade 1 in DDI today and grade 2 is one of the classes I'm observing. Really lovely students and feel very greatful for the experience. Zoe, one of the regular teachers at this branch, will be dropping me back at college where I can jump back on the bike and head home. Very much looking forward to my bed and no alarm in the morning. More teaching tomorrow evening though :)

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